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Homework #3
« on: September 04, 2018, 11:33:53 PM »

Here is the last homework, this week is the final week and I am not sure about the next week but I will keep you updated. So that would be your last homework and I want you guys have a perfect and complete Java sample project, and just to quote from Tarikh-i_Bayhaqi,

"سخنی نرانم که آیندگان بگویند شرم باد این پیر را".

- The deadline would be on September 9.

- You need to complete the rest of your homework #2, going that way you will connect your web application to the database which in our case would be PostgreSql.

- You need a full registration with Email validation. It means if the user enters, the software has to validate this input as wrong, it can be server or client side.

- You have to encrypt the password using MD5 algorithm and save it inside the database, I won't accept plain text password in any case.

- The user has to be able to edit his/her profile including first name, last name, password but the user can not change his/her email address.

- You need to make a separate folder inside the webapp which is called "protected-files", and move all the protected web files like profile and dashboard into that folder.

- You have to consider security holes, like the case that unauthorized user wants to visit protected-files (for example dashboard). In this case that unauthorized user has to go to the login page.

- You need to implement a real format of log-out. What I mean by that is, if an user clicks on log-out; then, it doesn't have permission to visit protected-files area and has to go to login page again.

- During registration, you need to make sure that the user didn't sign up before, if so you have to show the correct message.

- User has to be able to buy a product which is listed in product page. So you need a checkout page and ask for credit card information and that can be anything, and always has to be able to buy the product. and after that show a correct message format.

Please ask any question you have in this page.

And last word, unlike what all people think, programming doesn't start with code and syntax but it always starts with imagination. Before start coding you need to improve your imagination, first you need to imagine something in your mind and bring that imagination on the paper before even thinking about coding. Code and Syntax are just TOOLS that can make that imagination happen in reality. This is why it is called "the art of the programming"

At the the very first stage of the programming, you need to imagine what you want to do in a general idea and then imagine every detail of that general idea and bring it on the paper, and this step is not really about logic. It is all about the imagination.

Then you will decide what tool are you going to use to make that imagination happen. One of the tools can be Java because it can make every imagination happen in web, desktop, mobile, ...

I hope you enjoyed the class and I know that I will see you guys to be professional programmers, you always have my support and my bless. So don't hesitate to email me or call me whenever you need my help :)

Hope we can make the earth a friendlier place by teaching and helping each other :)

God bless you all
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